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​Terms and Conditions


請閣下在報讀本校任何課程之前,細閱下列用以約束香港藝術滾軸溜冰學校(「本校」或「Alpha Roller Skating School」)與 閣下使用本校的服務時,有關之條款及細則。






1. 課堂套票不得共用或轉讓。


2. 課堂套票收費不包括租鞋或其他器材費用,有關租用收費將按次計算。(除指定課堂)


3. 購買課堂套票後必須於三個月 (90天內開始使用。三個月後仍未開始使用,所有已購


4. a. 課堂套票由首次上堂起計,必須於相應有效期內完成:



     b. 如有特別原因需要申請延期,需於套票有效期內與本校聯絡。


     c. 課堂套票可以請事假(5堂可以請1次;10堂可以請4次;20堂可以請10次)。如提前


5. a. 所有課堂不設即日請假。即日請假將被視作缺席,該課堂將不獲補課.


     b. 學員如需申請病假,必須於課堂前至少兩小時通知本校職員,並請於三天內提供有效


     c. 另外因應「2019冠狀病毒病疫苗接種計劃」建議,學員接種疫苗可申請補堂或改期,惟


      d. 所有試堂班、節日課程、暑期課程、假日體驗班等(非恆常班)必須於指定日期及時


6. a. 學員需於上課前先簽到。


     b. 學員可於課堂開始前15分鐘於前台點名,課堂結束後必須盡快離開


     c. 學員若於當天課堂遲到或早退,將不獲補回課時,該課堂亦會作一堂計算。


7. 學員必須按個人情況配戴適當護具上課,本校不設護具租借。本校另有提供護具讓學生


8. a. 請確保器材、護具不會損害地板。鞋身、底架有尖銳突出或輪子太污糟均不得進場。


     b. 場內只能使用軟護具


     c. 如場內有任何不正當使用而造成的損毀,本校保留追究權利。


9. a. 學員/家長應自行判斷身體狀況是否適合上堂。


     b. 學員/家長需自行安排自身安全保險。


10. 本校有權因應學員年齡及程度增加或減少班內人數。


11. 本校保留更改上課時間、課室及導師之權利。


12. 如有任何爭議,香港藝術滾軸溜冰學校有限公司保留最終決定權。若本聲明的中文及英文版本有矛盾或含糊之處,則以中文版本之內容為準。

Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions that bind Alpha Roller Skating School of Artistic Roller Skating Limited ("School" or "Alpha Roller Skating School") and your use of our school's services before enrolling in any courses of Alpha Roller Skating School.


Once you use our school's services, you agree to abide by and be subject to the following terms of use.


Terms and Conditions


1. The course package is not transferable or shared with others.


2. Course package fee does not cover the rental of skates or other equipment.

    Such rental fees will be charged for each session. (Except those specified



3. Course package must begin within Three Months (90 days) after successful

    payment. If the package is left unused after the said period it WILL BE



4. a. Course package must complete in the following schedule:

    Package for 5 lessons to be completed in 6 weeks; 10 lessons to be completed

    in 12 weeks; 20 lessons to be completed in 30 weeks.


     b. Please contact our School within the valid period specified above should an

     extension be required.


      c. Leave can be taken once every 5 lessons; 4 times for 10 lessons; 10 times

      for 20 lessons. Please notify our School staff during booking for any planned

      leave. Leave that exceeds the limit will be regarded as absent.


5. a. No leave application will be accepted on the scheduled day of the lesson.

        Such an event will be treated as absent and no make-up lesson will be



     b. If students need to apply for sick leave, they must notify our School staff at

         least 2 hours before the class and provide a valid copy of the doctor’s

         certificate to the School within 3 days. Otherwise, the School will not arrange

         make-up classes.


     c. As per the“COVID-19 Vaccination Programme” suggestions, students may

        apply for vaccination leave. Please notify the School at least 2 days before

        the lesson, and submit a copy of the vaccination record within 3 days.

        Otherwise, make-up or rescheduling will not be arranged.


     d. For all trial classes, holiday classes, summer classes, and holiday

         experience classes, students must take the class on the specified date and 

         time. No make-up classes will be arranged for any leave (including sick



6. a. Students should take attendance before the lesson.


     b. Students can take attendance at the school counter 15 minutes before the

         lesson and should leave right after the lesson.


     c. If students are late for a lesson or leave early, no compensatory time will be           given and it will still be counted as one lesson.


7. Students must wear appropriate protective gear to class. There is no rental of

    protective gear. Students can buy them at the school counter.


8. a. Students/parents should judge whether their physical condition is suitable for

        the class.


     b. Students/parents need to arrange for their own safety insurance.


9. The School reserves the right to increase or reduce the number of students in

     the class according to the age and level of the students.


10. The school reserves the right to change class hours, classrooms and tutors.


11. In case of any dispute, Alpha Roller Skating School of Artistic Skating Limited

      reserves the right of final decision. Where any discrepancy arises between the

      English translation and the original Chinese version, the Chinese version shall


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